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Maths Week in Primary 7

During Maths Week Primary 7 have been exploring their local area, taking pictures of local landmarks and planning the journeys on google maps. Back in class, they reviewed their photos and calculated a suitable scale for their collaborative maps. Our visual maps to scale were shared in assembly today. Check them out below!

So we made a map of Princes Street. On Tuesday, we went to Carlton Hill and took pictures that helped inspire us to make this map. We collaborated and it made this map better.”

Princes Street Gardens by Primary 7

We went to Johnston’s Terrace for Outdoor Learning. On the way back, we took photos of the important landmarks and looked at them back in class. We decided on a scale for the Royal Mile so it would fit on our page. We worked together collaboratively to make it, which made it really fun. We also decided to make it 3D!”

The Royal Mile by Primary 7