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Monday 7th September

Hello! I am so glad that everyone is feeling better. It has been lovely having everyone back in this week! Let’s see what we have been getting up to…


We have been…

  • Counting amounts of items up to 20
  • Matching the amount to the numeral (**** = 4)
  • Counting forwards to 20 and backwards from 10
  • Doubles using our hands (to 10)

Here are some free maths games that you could play at home


What is Phonics?

In phonics lessons we learn that a written letter has a matching sound and name. Here is a video showing the name and sounds for the alphabet.

Letter actions

Last week we introduced two letters; a and t. We use Jolly Phonics songs to learn a story and action for each letter sound. See if you can do the sound and action at home. Soon we will know S, A, T, P, I and N. With these 6 letters we can spell lots of words!

Writing letters

At the beginning, you may find that your child can draw the letters but in a different way. An a, for example, can be drawn as a circle with a tail. Although it may have the same outcome, forming the letters as we ask is very important as it will help your child when they come to joining letters together.

Try making your letters in lots of different ways; Outside with sticks and flowers, with Lego, with salt, shaving foam, sprinkles, rice, Playdough, sand…

We have started reading books!

As a whole class, we are reading wordless picture books. We learn that stories have characters and that they have a beginning, middle and end. Here are some of the characters we will see in our stories

Clipart Oxford Reading Tree
The Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) main characters.

You can read some wordless stories together at home by signing up to a free Oxford Owl account. Once you have signed up, you will be able to read the story below called The Haircut.

It is important that when you are reading together, you feel that you can talk in whichever language you and your child feels most comfortable in.

Our Everywhere Bear

Rainbow is Primary 1’s Everywhere Bear.

Rainbow goes home with the Star of the Week every Thursday and comes back to school on Monday where it will be quarantined ready for it’s next trip!

We voted to decide what we should call it.

Listen to the story below to find out what happened to Class 1’s Everywhere Bear!

If, due to Covid, you do not wish to take the fluffy bear home, please let me know so we can arrange for a laminated photo to come home instead.

I wonder who will be our star of the week and get to take Rainbow home..?