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Health and Well-Being in Primary 7

Primary 7 have been reflecting on the changes that have occurred over the past 6 months. We discussed how although we have all be subject to the same restrictions, our experiences will vary between each individual. Along with talking through our feelings, we decided to express them using inspiration from different artists. We thoroughly enjoyed creating our work and we hope that you enjoy the final product!

First of all, we reflected on the surreal experience that was lock down. There were many different aspects, some of which we enjoyed and some not so much! Inspired by the art of Rene Magritte, we designed a piece of surrealism of our own.

Thereafter, we spoke about the losses and changes that were caused by the lock down. We imagined ourselves as boats in a storm and thought about the tool kits of resilience which we have to support us in times of change and uncertainty. Inspired by the art of Joseph Mallord William Turner, we painted our ships in the storm of change.

Finally, we spoke of the positive changes taking place and those we hoped for in the future. We likened this to the season of Spring and how new changes bring hope. We reflected that change is an inevitable part of life and we have all faced a huge change which we have experienced in our own ways. Inspired by the artist, Claude Monet, we painted and created our visions of Spring and hope.