Primary 1/ 2 Blog

Primary 2 welcome back!

A belated hello and welcome back to the blog! We have been busy settling back into school. We will be sharing our learning with you on this blog and posting some updates so please do check this page out regularly.

Here are some things you might want to know:

Names in clothes – Please make sure all items that your child wears has their name somewhere on it! This includes indoor shoes, hats/gloves and cardigans or jumpers.Their first name or initials in permanent marker/sharpie should be sufficient.

Indoor/outdoor shoes – Your child will keep a pair of ‘indoor shoes’ at school. They need to be able to change shoes by themselves.

PE Kits – At the moment, we are not changing clothes for PE but if you do not want your to do outdoor P.E. in their school clothes you can send in an outdoor P.E. kit (labelled joggers, trainers etc.) to leave in a bag on the back of their chair. We are aiming to have P.E. on Thursday and Fridays. Additionally, we will be doing a lot of outdoor learning so remember to bring a coat every day even if it looks like it is sunny.  We may well get muddy or a bit wet when we go outside as we like to explore so a warm change of clothes might be a good thing to pack too.

Snack – ‘snack’ is one item of food, ideally fruit, that will give energy but that can be eaten quickly. If your child brings their own packed lunch, you might want to have a chat about which one thing will be their snack. Likewise water bottles should come to school with water not juice in them. A juice drink can be had at lunch time but we can drink water during class time.

Homework homework is not due to start yet however we will be sending your child home with log-in information for Education City and Active Learn this week to begin to access and familiarise yourself with these platforms.

Do you have any questions or updates? – Is there something you want clarified, to update us on or have questions about? Due to social distancing, I can’t stay and chat outside so please pop these questions in an email… with the subject “For Mrs Aylward”

Thank you!