Monday 31st August

Lots of our friends were off school poorly last week ☹️ We have missed them lots, but we know that it is important for them and us to stay safe and keep washing those hands!

Every Monday, we write about our weekend. At the beginning of Primary 1, we are asked to remember what we did and then draw a picture. If we can, we can write some letters or words ourselves. When we draw a picture of ourselves, singing the rhyme Head, shoulders, knees and toes can help us to remember the parts of the body as we draw them 😊

This week, Miss Copeland asked us to either copy over a word, or copy the letters underneath, in addition to an adult writing what we say is in our picture. The key skill we are learning here is ‘why do we write?’, with the answer being so that we can read what has been written.

Khadijah and Eyad’s lovely work

This week in maths, along with our counting forwards and backwards, we have been practising our finger patterns to 5. We did this on our left and right hands. Some of us tried a trickier challenge of making the number behind our backs so we couldn’t count the fingers!

Theodora, Mariam and Bryce showing us the numbers; 1,2,3,4 and 5

Some of us then moved on to doubles. “If I put 2 on one hand, I put 2 on the other hand. 2 and 2 makes 4”. Doing this without looking by making bunny ears is super tricky!

Here’s a super cool song to learn at home!

The Colour Monster helped us to make pink this week! We made pink by mixing white and red paint together! In the book, pink means ‘love’. Some of us chose to paint heart shapes 💗

We also learned how to draw the Colour Monster! We had to watch, listen and copy the instructions. We practised two times before drawing our final version. Practising is very important. Practise makes progress. Here are our happy yellow Colour Monsters! If you want to have a go at home, click here for the instruction video!

Finally, we have been having lots of fun following the actions to Koo Koo Kanga Roo videos! Here is one of our favourites. Copying, learning and making up our own dance moves is great for our brains and motor skills 👍