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Have fun BUT Stay Safe Online

Please take some time to look at the advice and support being offered by Thinkuknow. They have ideas to stay safe when you are gaming or using popular social media sites.


Many parents may not feel confident about how or what their child is doing online and how they can make sure they are safe. There is some really sensible and easy to follow advice here. There are videos and cartoons you can watch with your child so they can understand how to be safe too.

This one is about gaming


There are pointers to guides about popular games your child may be playing or want to play, but you may have concerns. This is one for roblox.


There are activity packs for children aged under 5 to teens. You can find links to organisations that can help you if you are worried about what your child is doing online. It can be hard to say no and switch off devices but as parents you have a duty of care whether it is outside in the street or virtually in a game or chat room.

I hope that the information here will help everyone to speak and agree the best way for everyone to enjoy using IT but keep safe.

Stay safe and be kind to each other, Mrs Jessop