Monday 8th June

I have read statements from other school leaders and colleagues after the recent events across the world. They have expressed outrage and horror at acts of racism and inequality.

BUT I thought the most powerful thing I could share with you was written by the families, staff and young people of Royal Mile Primary School this school session.

They didn’t feel that they needed to make any reference to the colour of people’s skin, their cultural background or their beliefs – they just wrote simple, aspirational words for EVERYONE in our community.

Our Vision

To promote ambition, creativity and responsibility in a safe and happy environment; to create supportive, happy, healthy and collaborative lives for everyone in our community.

Our Values

Be kind and gentle                     Be positive Be friendly and welcoming

Be responsible                          Be resilient              Be Respectful Included

Our Aim

Everyone at Royal Mile Primary should feel happy and safe!

I am proud that our young people and their families, our staff and friends view everyone as equal, valued and respected. At Royal Mile we work together to make sure everyone knows that they matter!

Be Safe, Be kind to each other, Mrs Jessop