I am sure you have been reading and hearing news about the easing of lockdown and schools re opening.

The rules for Scotland are different to those in England which can be confusing.

There are links to the documents about the road map on the Scottish Government Website, here is one

There is also an easy read version about how decisions are being made and it might be helpful if you want to talk about this with your child.

We are following the guidance from the Scottish Government and the City Of Edinburgh Council as we plan how Royal Mile will open for our staff and pupils. We know that the date we are working towards is August 11th 2020, but at the moment we don’t know exactly what returning to school will look like.The most important thing will be for everyone to be safe and feel safe learning at school again.

The term ‘blended model’ is being used to describe how learning will be probably be organised; a combination of learning in school and some home learning remotely. This means we will continue to use our Blogs, website and for older pupils Microsoft Teams as well as hard copies and classroom learning.

It’s great that we have so many families actively taking part in learning online and our activities like Health Week and Bear Hunting. We have been able to lend ipads to families and put them in touch with local Old Town Services who have helped with data bundles and access, craft supplies, food deliveries… We have also delivered paper copies of learning packs and activities. Please get in touch using email, or reply to groupcall messages from us, comment on the blog and ask for a call and just now you can leave us a telephone message on 0131 556 3347 (but we only check these weekly at presen)t, if we can help in anyway.

from this ….
to this!

So what happens next? The school buildings are being prepared for August. We will find out about the building works and how they will proceed. The scaffolding around the school was due for removal at Easter and we are hopeful that will happen soon.

TRANSITIONS – We will be planning how to support everyone with transitions at this tricky time. They are going to be important for us all.

Nursery children coming to Primary 1 are taking part in a Bear Hunt. you can find out more about that on the Nursery Blog. We have a page on the website just for children starting Primary 1 as well. We will be updating it regularly and posting information about starting school.

Primary 7 children moving to High School have had information from their schools. Lots of virtual tours, online forums and opportunities to ask questions or find out about High School life are being offered as well. The High School websites have lots of information and guidance for pupils and their families.

Moving up – We will be using blogs to introduce our pupils to their Class Team for next session later in June. We will be posting information and pictures of the classrooms, how we are organising the school day and what children need to know to stay safe and enjoy being back at school.

We aim to ‘virtually’ celebrate our achievements and even possibly a whole school virtual outing in the final week of the year. We are all learning some amazing new skills – Health Week was a great example of the fun, inventiveness and adaptability of our staff team – so that we can enjoy our online schooling.

Please remember to keep us informed of changes to your telephone number, email or address. We are using emails, texts, blogs, Twitter and telephone calls, as well as good old mail, to keep everyone informed. Get in touch (email, Comment on blog, telephone message, reply to groupcall) if you have questions but please bear with us, the picture is constantly evolving.

Mrs Speedie is collecting ‘say something nice day’ comments in home languages as we celebrated this on Monday. I’d like to say how proud I am and how lucky I feel to be part of the Royal Mile Primary Community. The staff, pupils, families and local community are all amazing and we are all ‘belters’. (I’m from Derbyshire)

Take care, stay safe and be kind to each other. Mrs Jessop