welTO wow wed

I am very pleased to announce some very special achievements achieve

by some very special little people!


Well done to TJ! I am especially impressed with your wonderful POETRY skills! I think you inspired P3 to do more next week too!


Great job, Aiden for continuing to engage with all the subjects and activities on edu! How astonishing to achieve 80% or more in almost all the games you played!


Fantastic Paige! I am delighted that you keep challenging yourself! The formal addition and subtractions are perfect examples of that!sub


Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

AND a VERYbdto BRAX tomorrow, 28th May!

We hope you will have a lovely day! Let us know what you get up to!

SUPER EXCITED to announce…

news We welcome our newest addition to our school community-

congto Patrick’s brand new bundle of joy baby