Fabby P3 ‘

amazPatrick! You managed to ‘squat against the wall’ for 25 SECONDS! That is our CURRENT P3 RECORD!!! beat

Please follow this link if you need more instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nZEnhy6s4E&feature=youtu.be

Here are more Health week photos from Amelie:

Summer fun! Rang-tan loves noughts and crosses too!

Anyone remember how to play it with spelling words? th

Super drawing and emotions too!

Perfect day for yumice cream!

Lovely photos from Paige on her walk:

I bet you recognise that beautiful spot!

Amazing work on space and body too!

You are officially our Science expert, Paige!scien

More fabulous work coming in from Sasha!

Great Bar graph!

Your giants look just like in our story ‘Maximus and the beanstalk’! What a fabulous artist you are, Sasha!art



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