Have a Good Holiday

Some Local  information and resources about wellbeing

We are part of the Dumbiedykes Network and at a recent virtual meeting they shared some resources and links to help you and your family take care of your wellbeing.

Health In Mind shared information about the change to their services. https://www.health-in-mind.org.uk/coronavirus_covid_19/i2271/covid_19_our_edinburgh_services_27_march_2020.aspx

There are also fitness and health ideas on the facebook page, search @outandabouted or http://www.elgt.org.uk/

Braidwood Centre shared this information about a future event: Helping Hands Bikes For Kids programme is going ahead and we will have a group in the Old Town. It is for kids aged 9-11, who do not have a bike and perhaps are unlikely to get one. We provide them with a free, brand new bike and bike education. The programme was scheduled to start in April but will go ahead as soon as the lockdown is lifted. Of course, any social distancing protocols which remain in place at that point will be followed, so this may impact on the bike education part of the programme but the kids will get the bikes. So look out for details of this and other projects on their website and facebook page .

Clare at CYP was in touch to say how much fun the Zoom Banana Club and Space@6 had been. They’ll be more virtual clubs after the holidays!

I thought I would share this link with you as well. Lots of children enjoy Sesame Street and they have some short videos and ideas to support young people with anxiety around a health emergency here. https://sesamestreetincommunities.org/topics/health-emergencies/

There are lots of other topics and activities that you can also take a look at. They might help you and your family to talk about some of the things that are happening just now. You can access them as a parent without signing up to anything. The site does have adverts so please be aware of that.

I hope that you and your families enjoy some of the holiday activities that have been posted here. You can also watch lots of free shows, concerts and plays on the internet, I watched Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat! 

Please stay safe, look after one another and be kind to each other.   Mrs Jessop

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