Second Level Home Learning for School Closure- Week 2

Dear Primary 5, 6 and 7.

We hope that you and your families are keeping well. We are thinking of you all and hoping that you are safe, well and content at this time.

Beneath this message are some further links to support you in your home learning. We hope that you have found the previous grid both helpful and enjoyable. If you have not yet had a chance to look at them, please do not worry. We understand that this is an unusual time and it can take a while to settle into a routine that works for you and your family.

The first link is the new home learning grid for this week. Within it are suggested activities for each curricular area, building on those from last week.

The second link is a list of classical music pieces and suggested activities. It contains information about the composer, the music, links to an introduction online and a full performance. At the end of each page, there are suggested creative activities to link to the music.

Finally, the third link is a list of helpful websites, all of which are free and designed to support you in your learning. The document contains links and descriptors, for you to explore those which interest you.

Second Level Home Learning Grid Week 2

Eight Pieces Lesson Ideas

Free Resources RMPS

Remember, that you can reply to the post on the blog and email any concerns or questions to 

We would love to see what you have been working on at home and with your permission, share it on the blog. Keep in touch and take care!

Kind Regards,

The Second Level team,

Ms Murray, Ms Kerr and Mr McPheely.



9 thoughts on “Second Level Home Learning for School Closure- Week 2

  1. Leighann Dudley

    is this where you want pupils to post what they have been doing? or am I missing a link? lol

  2. Samantha

    Do we need to upload all the work children do? I didn’t do this last week. Also is there a home learning grid for p5? Thanks

    1. Royal Mile Primary School

      Hello, you don’t have to post everything that the children do. However it would be great to see or hear what they have been doing. You can also send pictures or scans to the Please tell us if we can share them on the blog too. Primary 5 are using the Second level grid. Hope that you are all well. Mrs Jessop

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  4. Samantha

    Hi in literacy it says to make notes and design a leaflet? Although I’m unsure on what’? Or am I missing something 🤣

  5. rmpstaff Post author

    Hi Samantha,
    P5, P6 and P7 have all been assigned non fiction ebooks on their ActiveLearn Wordsmith accounts. You could design a leaflet in relation to one of these or alternatively on another non fiction book that your child is enjoying. I hope this helps!


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