Monday 30th March 2020

Good Evening!

I hope that you are all well and that you had the chance to relax at the weekend. Today I have been at the Hub for Keyworkers’ families. We are supporting families who are working in Healthcare and essential services but who do not have access to other childcare. I have to say a huge THANKYOU to the RMPS team who have volunteered to take part in this programme. They are all heroes too!!!!!

Our colleagues at Active Schools ( Eliot who organises the clubs and his team) have started their own A to Z fitness challenge. You can find it here or on Twitter @ActiveSchoolsED. I’m not sure it will be quite as rigorous as Joe Wick’s PE lessons but it might make a change.

NEW GRIDS and learning ideas are on the class Blogs as well for this week. Some children have been using the address to share pictures of their work and others are using the COMMENTS at the end of the Blog post to keep in touch! It is really lovely to find out what you have been doing and we try to answer as quickly as we can.

Here’s an easy way to scan using your iphone (I don’t have one so I can only show you the info. I was given)

It is always great to see your photos and pictures of what you have been doing. We will assume you are ok for us to share them with your classmates as well unless you tell us otherwise.

It’s really important that you enjoy being with your families and loved ones. I know we are all missing you at school, and I am especially missing hearing all your (sometimes terrible) jokes so why not send me a joke in the comments. I am sure the funniest will be worth at least 2 housepoints……..but remember, nothing that will make me blush or turn my hair even whiter!!!!!!!

Take care and stay safe, Mrs jessop

2 thoughts on “Monday 30th March 2020

  1. Sarah McLuckie

    Dear Mrs Jessop,
    We hope all the staff are well. It’s fantastic to hear some are able to volunteer to help key workers at the hubs.
    We have been enjoying our homeschool so far. For example, Theo has been practising his measurements by helping to make things in the kitchen.
    We’ve also had pop star day, swimming costume day and a sleepover. Trying to have as much fun as we can.
    Take care,
    Theo and family xxx

  2. Julia Gracie-Pullinger

    Knock, knock
    Who’s there?
    Bacon who?
    Bacon a cake for your birthday!


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