Go outside – whilst you are inside!

Good Morning!

I hope that you are all safe and well.

The new guidelines that have been issued are, as the First Minister has said,  unprecedented. You may want to take some time to watch Newsround (times in yesterday’s post) with your child and have a chat with them.

We have been thinking about ways to explore the world from our living rooms. There are lots of programmes like Blue Planet on BBC channels,  or Cbeebies Where in the World’ that available. I am sure you will have seen lots of posts and emails about the virtual tours of galleries and museums and live streaming webcams for zoos and wildlife parks all over the world that you can access.

This link has many examples BUT just a health warning, I haven’t taken every tour so you might want to take a look yourself first! We aren’t promoting any of these places or the adverts  that are on this site – but I found the Baltimore Aquarium live stream very relaxing and enjoyed spotting the different fish!


Here are  a few that have been put into a document.

Virtual Field Trips

If your child is starting a project or just really interested in a topic, like space, then there are lots of ideas for them to explore.

If you have recommendations for similar sites, books and programmes – then please let us know!

Of course, as a famous author has already pointed out – Narnia, The Hundred Acre Wood and Hogwarts are also free to visit at this time!

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