Best bits of September in P3


Thank you for popping in again!

Here are some of this months highlights:

Numeracy: PLACE VALUE practice –  digits in a number, their position and their value – splitting a number into (hundreds) tens and ones collaberatively

Literacy:  reading two stories that deal with themes of overcoming worries and facing fears, spelling and handwriting practice

Social Studies: CELTS –  Comparing aspects of people’s daily lives in the past with mour own by using historical evidence or the experience of recreating an historical setting – creating Celtic roundhouses, making clay war horns, dressing like Celts

PE:  enjoying daily opportunities to participate in physical activities and sport indoors and outdoors – ceilidh dancing and dance routines in class, playground games

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday for th

P3’s comments:

This month I enjoyed learning and worked hard on the Celts. I was happy about playing with my friends. Sarah

I like PE, especially basketball at the Crags! Aiden

I like going to Holyrood Park for Outdoor Education. TJ

I like playing with all my friends. Akrm

I like Place Value and fractions with Mrs Speedie. Louie

I like Fridays because we have reward time. Sasha

I am happy because I wrote a lot this week. I worked hard on writing about my reading book! Casey

I am very happy about my spelling this week. Preston

I enjoy maths in P3! Elia

I liked finding out who takes IMG_8552 home! Leila