Worry monsters what are they?

Worry monsters are toys that you write your worry down and put it in the mouth and they come in all shapes and sizes you can find them in some shops they can be very calming when you are down and we can use them for stress relief toys but that is with the soft ones.


Are they available in school



Yes people can make and use them if you’re teacher allowed you to .

They are often used in support for learning


CAN You make your own



yes you can make one (or two) and they are quite easy to make you still have to practice (just to make the worry monster perfect)


Can children with autism use worry monsters



Yes they are good for autism but they are not safe for infants e.g 1 year olds

At assembly we will be looking at worry monsters and we will have a worry monster safari/ zoo.

Below is a picture of a worry monster

As said they can be soft and fluffy or hard and big or small


They can have bags and sacks and they can be in books

This is a book about worries (and monsters) worry monsters the book is called


Thanks for reading 🤚🏻