Mrs Finlaysons Reading Habits

Miss Finlayson was interviewed by a P6.

How many times a day do you read?

I read the metro on the bus.At school I read lots. I read messages and texts on my phone and at night I try to read a bit of a book for enjoyment.

How long was it since you read with a pet?

My dog cookie likes to curl up on my feet when I’m reading but I never read her a story out loud. I will try that this weekend.

How many books have you read in your whole life?

I don’t know ,too many to count.I know that when I’m on holiday I can read about 15 books each summer!

What is the oldest book you have ever read?

Most of my books are bought new but when I was little I went to a second hand book shop and bought an old copy of Ann of green gables and I loved that it was an old dusty book with no illustrations on the cover.