February in P6



This month we proudly present our ART GALLERY winner:

Emre – I want to be able to fly in the sky!
Beda – I’ve got catitude: Driverless Cars are so simple, cats can work them. Cuter Taxi Drivers! Yah!

Ella – you tuber’s dream: More inspiring people! More kids having fun!
Oli- I wish there will be no homeless by 2050!
Naeema – There should already be better medicine for everything!
Rawia – I want to be a vet when I grow up!


Various games and activities about PROBABILITY.

img_0654-e1549740130906.jpgVolleyball practice: serving, volleying and digging.

img_0656-1.jpg Table tennis fun in reward time.IMG_0640P6 answering some of their questions about the VICTORIANS. th.png

(I’d like to learn more about…

  • transport
  • fashion
  • jobs
  • childhood
  • law and order etc)