P6 part of EUROCITY conference

wowThe City of Edinburgh Council is delighted to be hosting EUROCITIES 2018 Edinburgh Conference, 28 – 30th November 2018. They will welcome more than 400 delegates from 120 different European cities, including for the first time: young ambassadors from across Europe.

The Opening Night will be held at the Hub on 28th November 2018. It is a unique opportunity for Edinburgh and Scotland to share our culture and heritage.

P6 are delighted to be part of this special evening by having created their own bespoke handmade corsages out of Scottish tartan for delegates to wear.

Our Individual and School name will be displayed throughout the conference, including plasma screens at the EICC and table top display at the Hub.





Hopefully see you on Thursday’s ‘Walk a mile in my shoes’ (15th November at 1.45pm and

Scotland fair Friday 30th November!