Nursery Routines

We have had a very busy month of learning and practicing nursery routines. By following these routines we can become confident in what we are expected to do and how to achieve this.

We know that we change our shoes and put out our name on the register when we arrive at nursery.


We come together to say good morning, talk about the day/weather and count how many friends have come to nursery today.

After lunch we brush our teeth, putting out name labels away so the teacher knows we are finished.


At snack times we find our place names, wash our hands and choose a healthy snack. When we are finished we wash our dishes.



We have also been doing some gardening, baking and painting with our feet!

Last of all, we would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who came to our “Sharing the Learning Party”. We hope you enjoyed seeing what we get up to in Nursery and contributing to our World Map project.