September highlights in P6


In September we enjoyed outdoor learning
During maths week we collected natural
Resources and made 2d shapes
I found stones and made rectangles
I made some semi circles
by Prince

This month we have been focusing on science, space and Neil Armstrong. We have finding out about the astronaut’s life and created a timeline. Also we learned about the solar system and that Pluto is a dwarf planet. By Naeema

Welcome to primary 6 Blog!
Primary 6 are so lucky that they have their own ipads.. However I use my ipad for Education city and block craft. I use Education city for learning and and I also use block craft for FUN. Thank you for reading Primary 6 Blog! Have FUN!
bye Mohanad

In September we went to Dunbar’s Close and made 2D shapes with
Sticks, leaves, rocks and berries. At the end we all picked 5 things
and made a shape altogether. The day before that we went to
Arthur’s seat and took photos of things we thought were 3D shapes.
In our playground we read little poems telling us how many
corners, edges and faces 3D objects had – with that information we told our partners
the shape and started looking for them.
By Rawia


practising spelling on playground


expressing emotions through music                                         RUGBY


junk modelling with 3d objects