Homework 10/09/18


Children should complete the characters and settings task in the reading journal. The children should find a range of different ways that the author has described both the characters in the book and the setting. For setting children could look at how the physical places i.e. homes, streets, forests etc., atmposphere or weather have been described.


This week children will be learning how to use the ‘ing’ suffix in class. Children should practice the following words at home by completing one of the spelling activities from the grid.

  • cooking
  • washing
  • hugging
  • dropping
  • skating
  • exploring
  • spying
  • waving
  • dragging
  • smiling


This week in class we will be moving on to working with simple multiplication and divsion. To support this children should complete the Multiplication Wheels activity stuck into their homework jotters. The children should multiply the number in the middle of the circle by the number on the inner ring, as shown on the example below. 20th sept maths homework