A very warm welcome to P6 blog!

We are very excited about this year and have already started to work on

th and the solar system

P6 expressed interest in finding out more about

  • the sun and moon
  • the planets in our solar system
  • life outside Earth
  • stars and their constellations
  • black holes, space vacuum etc.

We are already looking forward to our trip to the Royal observatory on 25th September!


P6 has started to work on th and are starting with naming and identifying 2D shapes and 3D objects and describing their properties.

This term we will be very busy revising spelling patterns,

consolidating and filling gaps in our knowledge in  th!


Please remember:

• Suitable indoor shoes/plimsoles
• Pe kit (shorts or tracksuit bottoms/leggings and T-shirt)
• Daily water bottle
• Daily healthy snack (fruit, vegetable etc)
• School uniform and outdoor coat

thIf you have any queries, please feel free to see Ms Brunner after school or contact the school anytime!