Welcome to Primary 3 2018!

Hello and welcome back to school for Primary 3!

This week and next we are having our homework information sessions in class. We will focus on Literacy and what this looks like in our homework tomorrow.

Homework 20th August

We have worked on our Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check (LSCWC) for our spelling words this week so please take time to look over our Spelling Grid and choose one activity to do with your child. Indicate which task you have done by dating the matching activity’s box.

As the Reading Journal is a new homework addition for Primary 3, we will look over this in our homework information session. When you receive this booklet, please remember to record what book your child was reading this week at home, any comment they have and initial this. Choose one sheet to work on to hand in for Thursday.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and next week!