Happy Campers – Tidy Rooms!

Last night I went along to visit the Primary 7 at Dounans Camp, near Aberfoyle. I sat and ate dinner  (which was delicious) with the children and staff  and listened with amazement to their stories of daring deeds, thrilling adventures and wet clothes!

They all had just come back from a hike up a very big, snowy hill and were tired but really happy. They had a bit of free time and showed me around and then headed off to their evening activity.

The boys proudly showed off their VERY tidy rooms. I did warn them that their families would be expecting this standard of tidy in their bedrooms at home, but they still let me take the photos!

Everybody is having fun. The staff and the Dounans Instructors had only good things to say about everyone. They were full of praise about the children’s behaviour, support for each other and willingness to try everything!