Lots of Good Comments!

We have had a really busy few months with so many great events and activities.

*In November we were visited by a group of education students from Panama who joined classes for many different activities including weaving. They had so many great things to say about the confidence and good manners of the House Captians who showed them around. They were really impressed by the classroom displays and teh quality of the learning and teaching they observed in the classrooms.

‘I really liked Royal Mile. It has beautiful classrooms with posters to help learning…..I admired the children who gave us a tour…really good behaviour in classrooms’ Ines

‘The people and the children are so kind. I liked the methodology that the teachers use’ jasmin

‘Royal Mile is a school where studenst are taught to be good citizens.This school is awesome’ jose

*We also had Parent/ Carer and child workshops with Miss Aylward about Internet Safety. It was a shame that many adults were unable to attend but there is a page on our website with information about this very important subject and even if your child is only starting in the Eligible 2s service it is never too soon to make sure they are safe online.

Comments left by parents included:

‘ A great Session! It was reassuring how positively it was covered’

‘Good open approach on what’s a good idea and what is not.’

‘Excellent session. Really good to hear dialogue being used and the level it’s pitched at so we can follow same message at home. Thank you .’

*Last but not least was the opening of the Art Gallery for 2018.  So many positive commenst about the amazing art work produced by the children, staff and visiting artists that now graces our walls. The interactive piece made by visitors to our Cafe in the diningroom is great and we hope you will drop in and take a look next time we have an event in school.

our thanks to Miss Murray, Miss Kerr and the Art Reps who made it such a success, our P7 tour guides and Mr Stewart and Mr Annis who got everything ready for  the (sadly delayed) Fruitmarket and P7 work ‘Dear Future’. We’ll keep you informed when that one opens too!