Termly Overview P3


Termly Overview P3

Session: 2017-2018                                                    Class: P3

Term:       2                                                   Teacher: Miss Kerr

Contribution to the Ethos and Life of the School as a Community

Thursday 1st February

Day to celebrate faiths. Following RME focus week. Visitors welcome, information to follow.


Wednesday 7th February

Internet safety day. P3/4 9am.


Friday 9th February

Art Gallery Opening. Information to follow.


Thursday 22nd March

Parent consultations.




Swimming-please ensure your child brings a swimming costume, towel and a swimming hat (these can be purchased for £1 from the school office).


Outdoor learning within local area. Please come in suitable footwear/ jackets.


Visiting Edinburgh Tartan Weaving Mill and local monuments as part of interdisciplinary studies.

Curricular Areas / Main Focus

Languages & Literacy:


–          Letters

–          Openers, format, connectives.

–          Poems/ rhyming

–          Note writing/ Summarising

–          Find & use features of good writing,

Throughout: Up-levelling vocabulary. Using a wider range of punctuation such as commas, exclamation marks and question marks. Using different connectives and openers. Exploring different layouts/formats-commas, headings and paragraphs.


–          Reading for information -highlighting key words and summarising key information.

–          Recognise features of fiction and non-fiction.

–          Distinguish between fact and opinion.

–          Engaging with a class novel.

–          Literacy Evolve

–          Soft c and g, compound words, -ing, -ed.

Throughout: Blooms higher order questioning skills. Decoding skills. Able to comment on use of language. Exploring and discussing themes and ideas.

Mathematics & Numeracy:

–          Multiply/Divide-tables, multiples

–          Money and Finance

–          Money (Add/subtract)

–          Time

Throughout: times tables, doubling/halving, place value, enterprise and maths in the world.

Health & Wellbeing:

–          Respect Yourself


–          Water cycle

–          Energy

–          Electricity

Social Studies:

–          Textiles and tartans

–          Local monuments


–          Conservation

–          Research using technology

Expressive Arts:

–          Music-pulse, rhyming, pitch – exploring through singing games

–          Different styles of dance

–          Something from home – Art Gallery

–          Mosaics


–          Gymnastics, dance and fitness

Religious & Moral Education:

–          World religions-stories and traditions. .

Interdisciplinary Projects and Studies – Cross Cutting Themes


–          Tartans and Textiles

–          Edinburgh Monuments


Opportunities for Personal Achievement

–          Star of the week/ Class achievements

–          Art Gallery

–          John Byrne Art competition

–          P3 Showcase Assembly