Autumn Has Arrived!

It has been a very busy start of the year for us in the nursery! We are happy to have welcomed lots of new friends into both Calton Hill and Castle Hill class and have been having lots of fun.

We have been focusing a lot on friendship, kindness and how important they are. We have created a “kindness tree” and the boys & girls as well as staff are keeping an eye out for acts of kindness they see around the nursery so we can add more leaves to it. We have also put up a  world map and been talking about where we are from.

We are noticing the changes around us; the days getting colder, the mornings being darker and the leaves changing colour before falling from the trees. We learned that squirrels collect nuts in the winter and that some animals hibernate. We have also been looking at “Nocturnal” animals and made a display of them.

With the days growing colder could parents please remember to send a winter jacket to nursery and any donations to our tissue collection would be greatly appreciated!