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Busy P3!

Thank you so very much for working so hard!

Next Wednesday will be our last wedsand your last chance to receive a certificate!

Caoimhe is another of P3’s kind, peace seeking queens:

Can you believe how busy Leila has been?

What a fabulous continuation of the space story too:




I am absolutely blown away with you fantastic use of VCOP!!! Especially your vocabulary  is fabulous – ‘a bright light blended everyone’, ‘it was so quiet you could hear the captain’s heartbeat’ etc

Your spelling and neat presentation are also excellent! Very well done, Leila!

Amelie enjoyed researching space and creating a fantastic poster:

Casey produced some lovely things following this week’s learning grid and has mastered the difference between creatures with and without backbones:

Amazing, clear money chart and Loving her money panda on a tree too:

wonderingI wonder if anyone can figure out how much money Casey used altogether for her panda creation? What is the total value – please LEAVE A REPLY (top left)!

Super spelling and look at that lovely family tree:

Katie did a wonderful job practising times tables:


More chocolate

Thank you for joining us on more chocolate adventures! or sad 6674E7B1-ED1D-4B88-BF90-CEA491891AA7


Can you explain what happened to the coc?

Here is some vocabulary to help you:

  • farmer                          pulp
  •                  collect                           cocoa pods
  • wooden boxes            factory
  •                  sacks

Stay positive!

morn I hope you are feeling happy & well!

Please remember that it is ok not to to be ok! We all feel sad, worried, frustrated, lonely, … emotsometimes,

especially in this challenging time we are experiencing at the moment.

It is most impothat you let someone know how you feel!

I thought you might enjoy some of these stories we heard in school:

One of Ms.Brunner’s favourites:

You might enjoy this one, too!

Amelie also made an excellent recommendation of a book that she loves and finds very helpful:

recommYou can always get in touch with us too!!! email



WOW Wednesday

Welcome to our second last wow wed!

More exciting achieve achievements of some brilllittle people!

Super wellto Katie for making a great effort to participate in P3’s home learning!


Another 60HOUSEPOINT achiever –

ISMAIL! socksFantastic DAILY effort on edu!

th to all