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Primary 1 – A Royal Good Time!

We were invited to a Royal Tea Party! We wore crowns which we had made with our buddies, as well as dressing up. We each had a cake and diluting juice and played some party games.

Coronation Fête Day!

With 4 bouncy castles, didi cars, candy floss, ice cream, popcorn AND a slushy machine, I think it’s safe to say Friday was a day to remember! A big thank you to Mrs Roberson who secured the funding to provide these festivities.

Time to Grow

We have so much growing in our classroom – caterpillars, cress, dinosaurs and us! We will be exploring what changes happen to our bodies as we ‘grow up’ (height/weight), what happens to seeds/caterpillars (life cycle) and what living things need to survive!

Number Bonds

We have been lucky enough to have Miss Laing and Mrs Brunner visiting us to help with our number bond learning. Below you can see different types of resources. You can see that they are using the concrete (physical) materials before moving on to writing the abstract sums.

Number bonds card game

We have been using a pack of cards to practise our number bonds. After taking out the J/Q/K but keeping in the joker cards, we decide a number e.g. “how many more to make.. 10” and each take a turn turning over the top card. if you get it wrong, put it to the bottom of the back. If you get it right, you keep it. BUT if you find a joker – you have to put them all back! You can make the game trickier or easier by asking how many more to make 5 or trickier by going up to 20!

No problem if you don’t have a deck of cards at home as there are websites available such as the one below which can provide you with a random card.

Hit the button is still a big hit in our classroom. Number Bonds to 10 is our starting point and some pupils are on Number Bonds to 20 too!

Please don’t forget to check Education City for home learning activities.

New phonics, numeracy and science activities have been added for you to work through!

Mental Agility – Adding and Subtracting

I have allocated games to Education City that match this month’s mental agility focus. Below is the home learning grid. It is expected that pupils do at least 1 task a week from the grid.