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P5 News and Home Learning w/b 27th March

It was lovely to see and share the learning and achievements of Primary 5 with parents last week. It was also a sad week in Primary 5 as Mr Humphreys finished his Placement with us and returned to University on Monday 27th March. The class and staff wish him all the best and thank him for his fabulous contribution to Primary 5 that he made in his time with us.

Swimming took place on Monday 27th March and we will have another session on Monday 17th April the day we return from our Easter Break. I will let you know if there are any further sessions after this but the class have demonstrated an improvement in their skills and are progressing well in the water.

This week is a busy week and we will be visiting the Science Festival at the City Art Centre Tuesday 28th March where we will be taking part in three active workshops. On Friday we will taking part in our Houses in the Parent Council’s Easter Egg Hunt. Friday 31st March will also see us start our April Holidays and I would like to wish every one in class a Happy Easter and a Happy Ramadan.

This week I will not be issuing Home Learning as we have a busy Friday of activities that will not allow us to do self correction and discussion. After the holidays Home Learning will consist of maths, reading comprehension and spelling. Spelling will be the patterns that the groups are learning during the week and the Home Learning will be a challenge that the class are familiar with. Once again thank you for all your support in making Home Learning a shared experience.