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Friday 3rd March – P1

Building Resilience – Get Active

Recognising how to recharge your batteries is one way to build resilience. Taking the time to be active can help you feel good. Primary 1 enjoy playing in the park, swimming, using scooters and bikes and running!

Block Play

We are becoming increasingly confident with using height in our play! Can you spot the gym, DJ and house?

World Book Day

This year we dressed up as adjectives. Colours, appearance, personality, physical attributes are all adjectives!

Did you know that there is a grammar rule that explains adjectives should only be used in a certain order?
That is why the red, round, big ball sounds wrong and the big round red ball sounds right!

Buddy Reading

The buddies worked together to make their own reading dens! Primary 6 read to Primary 1 and Primary 1 also read to Primary 6!

Reading together should:
• Improve confidence in reading aloud and develop questioning skills.
• Develop nurturing and leadership skills in older pupils through the
opportunity to act as role models.
• Develop a love of reading in all individuals involved.
• Enable all pupils to participate regardless of learning ability, allowing less
confident pupils to shine.
• Encourage friendships between younger and older pupils and aid school

Writing our own books

Writing a book is a long process that involves lots of different stages. This week we have…

  • Created our own character and used adjectives to describe them
  • Created a setting
  • create a climax or ‘thumbs down’ section as we call it
  • decide on a solution and end – or as we call it – the ‘thumbs up’ end!
  • choose a story opener e.g one day, early one morning, one dark and gloomy night
  • Decided on a title

Next week we will be using all of our notes to create the book including an ‘about the author’ section and price/barcode, stay tuned!