Primary 1 Blog

Friday 24th February

Building Resilience

We have been learning that Talking Things Over with my Back-up Team can help me build resilience.

Below we have drawn who is in our back-up teams.

Pancake Day Fun!

We have been learning about the origins of pancake day – Shrove Tuesday.

Below are some of the things Primary 1 would give up if they were participating in Lent, which started on Ash Wednesday. We chose things that we want but don’t need.

  • Ps4 – Clay
  • Playing on my iPad – Aiden
  • Watching YouTube – Mustapha
  • Watching TV- Lola
  • All my toys – Sidrah
  • Watching things on the phone – Sarah
  • My purple tablet – Yasmine
  • Watch tv – Eddy
  • Watching tv – Jana
  • Biscuits – Mohamed
  • Chocolate – Loai
  • Strawberry jelly – Daniel


Below shows how we use our fingers to help with counting on

We also find it helpful to tap the dots or images with our pencil and count as we touch them


We will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 3rd March 2023.

Children are invited to wear something that describes an adjective; a colour, spots, stripes, big, short etc.

Below are some examples!