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Friday 10th February

Building Resilience – Talk Things Over

After listening to The Huge Bag of Worries Primary 1 discussed what a worry is, what it feels like and what sort of worries we have. We then drew our worries on a bubble to share them and let it float away…

Here is the home activity for this period of the Building Resilience Programme

Internet Safety

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day . We discussed what we use to access the internet such as a phone, tablet, iPad, TV, XBox, as well as what we use it for. We used a questionnaire called a Menti to collect the information. You can see the class’s collective answers below. Thinkuknow is a brilliant website which has fun and catchy videos designed for children aged 4-7. I would thoroughly recommend a watch!

Our Families

Following the Scottish RSHP programme, this week we have been discussing families; which people make up their families, what we call those people, what love is and how this can look different for different people. We also focus on the UNRC rights of the child, and how all children have the right to be safe, cared for and healthy. Primary 1 did some excellent writing around this topic – drawing and labelling their picture, as well as writing the title and information about their family. All pupils progress at different speeds and we were incredibly proud of the effort that each pupil put into this work, well done!


We enjoyed creating number pages, finding objects from around the room which matched their number. The pupils selected their picture and photographed their own work so we can see what they were doing when working independently.

Using Dienes blocks to make numbers. Try practising your skills at home with the following 2 games

Basketball Place Value –

Shark Numbers –

Number are everywhere, even in books!

This song is very popular in our class, you can hear the pupils singing it, even at lunch time!

Wishing you all a very happy half term and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 20th February