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P1 Burns Supper

From farm to fork

Where does our food come from? From a plant or animal? How does it grow?

We watched videos from Tesco’s Eat Happy Project to find out where porridge oats come from.

We then tested our knowledge using

First we made porridge using porridge oats which come from a plant, and milk which comes from an animal. We tried the porridge for pudding during lunch time.

Next we prepared the potatoes ready for our haggis, neeps and tatties Burns Supper!

First we washed our hands and rolled up our sleeves. The table had been washed and all of the equipment. We peeled, chopped, boiled, strained, mashed, served and ate the mashed tatties. We set the table, poured the drinks and gave a toast. We were very brave and tried most of the foods. To become more comfortable with the new, sometimes scary, foods we used all of our senses – smelling, tasting and feeling the different textures of the food. Do you you like our home-made tartan placemats? We also enjoyed listening to some traditional Scottish music to make it a true party!