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Tuesday 24th January – p1

Scottish Week

Primary 1 are learning the poem Twa Leggit Mice this week, ready for Friday’s assembly and parent visit!

Worry Monster fun with our Primary 6 buddies

Ms Finalson set each of us the task to create a Worry Monster to help build our resilience. The aim is that the action of sharing your worries with your monster will bring you comfort. Sometimes the worry monsters each up your worries to! We planned, created and assessed our clay worry monsters with our Primary 6 buddies, using natural resources sources at Dunbar’s Close.

Lunar New Year

We have had so much fun exploring the Lunar (Chinese) New Year, especially making our masks and acting our The Great Race – How the Zodiac animals came to be!

Numeracy – Make it, draw it, write it!

We will be using a make it, draw it, write it approach when learning about numeral identification.

  • How many cubes are there? (Can feel and move them)
  • How many dots are there? (Point and count but can’t move)
  • What number is this? (Instant recall when they see the numeral)
  • Give me 3 cubes
  • Draw me 3 dots
  • Write the number 3

Number bonds – How many different ways can you make the number 3?

Today’s Number is a great game which helps practise this.


In the spirit of Robert Burns, we will be exploring poetry and rhyming. Below are two games and a song you could try at home.

Rhyme Round Up Game –

Groovers Rhyme Time Game –