Primary 1 Blog

Welcome Back!

It is so lovely to have a full class again! We will continue to regularly wash our hands as we all want to stay healthy this new year!

Our vision for the new year

We have been ‘looking forward’ and setting new years resolutions. Sadly it is tricky to see on the photos due to the gold glitter pen used and lamination of the work. We hope you can see it up close soon!

Gymnastics – Pair Work

Playing the mirror game to show our understanding of symmetry

Counter Balances – Making sure to hold the wrists, for added security, communicating with each other to build trust and developing core strength

Small World

Primary 1 were very excited to play with their new mini-me characters. I wonder what adventures they will go on!

Chinese New Year

Our topic focus for the next two weeks will be exploring Chinese New Year. If there is a special date that your family enjoys celebrating, we would love to learn about it!

Mental Agility

We are moving around the rainbow to the yellow section – Number Recognition

Check out the grid below and see how many you can complete

Googling ‘Number Recognition Activities’ will also provide you with lots of fun games!

Online – Post the letter through the correct door