Primary 1 Blog

Monday 12th December

Sleepy Shepherd

We will be performing to the school children on Wednesday 11am this week and to parents and family on Thursday at 2pm. Your child should wear normal school uniform on these days. If not already wearing, please bring a plain black/grey trousers/leggings and a white top – long or short sleeved. All costumes are provided for the pupils. We look forward to performing for you!

Snow fun

primary 1 took the opportunity to enjoy the short snow fall, writing our names, shapes and patterns in the snow and expanding our science vocabulary – snow, melt, ice, freeze, wet, cold!

Word building

primary 1 are increasing their confidence in building and reading words. Most children are now reading short stories and sounding out CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant e.g cat, dog). In the activity below, pupils choose a card and build that word, before independently photographing it as evidence.

Supporting your child with phonics

Letterland website – click on the letters to hear the sound it makes

Alternatively, create your own digital flash cards using Teach Your Monster to Read cards

Teach your monster to read also has an app which you can download!

I would also recommend Alphablocks

Listen to the song below