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November in Primary 7

In Primary 7 this month, our literacy focus is poetry. We have been looking at similes and metaphors and using them in our writing.

We first analysed some war poems, notably Dulce Et Decorum est, In Flanders Fields and An Irish Airman foresees his Death. We considered the emotion behind the words, pondered the prevailing mood and looked for examples of strong imagery. After which, we wrote our own. On Friday, 11th, we created art inspired by what we have learned about Remembrance and World War I. Please see our display below!

War Horse was our class novel in the first part of term one. We watched the film in October and on Friday, 25th we watched the show, through our schools National Theatre subscription. Yesterday, reviewed the three mediums for the story and reflected on what we felt was done well (purple) and what we felt was a an area for improvement (pink). See our class feedback below:

On Thursday, 17th of November, Primary 7 took part in a workshop with the Poetry Library. The theme for the day was Winter. Initially, the focus was visual art illustrations on a winter theme, shown to us by Kate, the artist. The children were inspired to create their own Winter Picture. They were also really impressed with her illustrations!

A summary of our thoughts and ideas during the session:

In the afternoon, they heard some of Susi’s poetry in Scots. They were encouraged to weave words into poetry that connect with the art they each have made. With this wonderful creative input, they were inspired to write their own Winter poems.

Please see the wonderful display of their creativity below!

This week, we are looking at the poetry of Ted Hughes. We shall write our final poem and then choose our best one to type out and print for our literacy display.

Also this month, we are continuing German. We are learning the numbers, the days of the week and how to describe the weather. We had a lot of fun learning about Die Farben, check out our display below!

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed seeing some of our learning in November.