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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday where we showcase the amazing work and play done in the nursery each week. This week at nursery we have been continuing to discuss light and dark; we made bright star pictures in art, talked about different kinds of lights, their energy sources and how we use them. We helped to make dark black play dough with sparkly glitter in it and we have been using covers and loose parts to create dark dens and cars to play in. We have also been very interested in different types of buildings that people and other animals can live in. We have been drawing our own homes and different types of buildings and have been constructing houses for ourselves using lots of different loose parts. We discussed and investigated homes from around the world and different shelters used by other animals.

We have had lots of fun building with our crates in the garden, rolling hoops, building houses and digging in the mud kitchen. We enjoyed going to the gym hall on Monday, showing off our climbing, balancing, jumping and rolling. We have been busy completing difficult puzzles and were very kind helping each other complete them. We have also been playing a fun dinosaur matching game, we demonstrated our amazing matching skills, discussing what makes them the same and different and learning all the complicated names.

Thank you to everyone who donated for children in need and dressed in their pyjamas! We hope you have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday! Please post some pictures of all the fun you have at home on the learning journals!