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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday where we showcase the amazing work and play done in the nursery each week! This week at nursery we noticed that it was getting dark earlier and that the clocks had changed so we have begun to investigate and discuss light and dark. We talked about what tools we use in the dark to see, when we might see fireworks in the sky and started to discuss how to make colours lighter or darker.

We have been very busy building amazing structures, using good teamwork to create elaborate buildings and using our tools to make design changes. We have been discussing and investigating what different building tools are used for and how we can help each other to enhance our creations.

We have been reading lots of stories and exploring characters, plots, asking and answering questions and talking about our feelings. We have also been enjoying singing and playing musical instruments, creating our own tunes and performing some of our favourite nursery rhymes!

We have been using our problem solving skills to create amazing necklaces and masks. We have been helping each other and demonstrating each step so we can all make them independently and can share our design ideas with each other.

It was lovely to see everyone at the stay and play last week, it was lovely to welcome the parents back into the nursery and we are excited to do it again next month. We hope you enjoy your weekend, please post pictures on the learning journals of all the fun you have at home.