Nursery Blog

Fantastic Friday!

We have been having lots of fun this week at nursery! We are continuing to discuss the features of Autumn; the different types of weather we experience, the natural changes, the different colours we see and mixing paint to find out how to create those colours ourselves. We have begun to discuss hibernation and migration of animals during the colder months, creating our own bird puppets and printing some woodland animal pictures. We have also been experimenting with light and dark using chalks on black paper.

We had a visit from the dentist who checked some of our teeth and painted them to keep them protected and strong. We talked about how to keep our teeth healthy and clean and got to practice our teeth brushing on a fun puppet.

We welcomed the two year olds from upstairs into our room for a day. We were very kind and helped them to follow our rules and routines. We played lots of fun games with them, made beautiful pictures, experimented with jelly in a witches cauldron and had lots of fun playing in the garden. We were very friendly, gentle and considerate and had a great time welcoming them into our room.

We have continued to talk about money and have been playing lots of interesting games in our shop, talking about the different prices of items and the values of different coins and notes. We have also been enjoying choosing from our song box, singing lots of different songs and helping each other to learn the words and dance along with the performances. We have been doing lots of complicated puzzles and helping each other to complete them using our problem solving skills.

We hope everyone has a great holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone again on Wednesday 25th October. Please post pictures of the fun you have at home in the holidays on the Learning Journals!