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Primary 1 – Friday 30th September

Reading Folders

Primary 1 are given a new ORT book each week.
Inside the plastic folder is their reading record, RWI letter cards, a wordless book and home learning worksheet.

The reading record is for adults to write in to comment, ask questions or share books the child is reading at home.

Reading folders should be returned on Mondays. This gives us chance to change the book over ready for Tuesday’s reading. Pupils will either read on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on their group. We will send the folders back home on Thursdays.

These books supplement the reading which is completed through the Read, Write, Inc programme.

Please feel free to cut up the RWI letter cards. On the backs is a picture which matches the letter e.g. Maisie Mountain Mountain – this helps us to form the letters.

Games – flash the card and say the sound, Lay them out and ask your child to ‘splat’ the sound ‘a’, Say a sound and ask your child to write the sound in the air/sand/chalk/in mud!

Oxford Reading Tree Books

We are reading wordless picture books. We need to be creative, learn character names, add emotion and engage the listener. We also learn that stories have characters and that they have a beginning, middle and end. Pictures have a lot of information in them and give lots of clues to readers. Here are some of the characters we will see in our stories.

Monday 7th September – Royal Mile Primary School

You can read more stories together at home by signing up to a free Oxford Owl account.

It is important that when you are reading together, you feel that you can talk in whichever language you and your child feels most comfortable in. This can also support your child to learn new vocabulary.

Education City

Your child will come home with a unique login and password for a website called Once logged on you will find a section for classwork and homework. Your child has been allocated some homework. They can log on via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. These tasks revise what has already been taught in class. There is no deadline, however we hope they will enjoy and want to complete more activities! If you have any questions or comments, small or large throughout the year, remember you can pop me an email at

Primary 1 have been learning about punctuation in books. Each punctuation mark has it’s own unique sound and action. This helps pupils to identify punctuation when reading and writing. We hope to make our own video to show you our learning, but please enjoy the one below to get an idea.

Making Choices

Everyday Primary 1 chooses how they want to be welcomed into the classroom. This supports pupils to develop agency over their body. Which one would you choose?

Big Deal, Little Deal

Primary 1 have been using the Big Deal, Little Deal story throughout the day to help us regulate our emotions.

Some examples they suggested were big deals:

  • If you bump your head
  • If you are bleeding
  • If someone hurts you
  • A car crash

Some little deals:

  • You drop your pencil
  • Your paper falls on the floor
  • You make a mistake in your work
  • You aren’t allowed cake today

Kung Fu Punctuation

Outdoor Learning with Primary 6 – 23.9.22

Safe walking – P1 were either in the middle or by the wall

Listening, working collaboratively, sharing ideas and having fun on the scavenger hunt.

Making patterns using natural resources

Thank you Primary 6!

Building Resilience

Primary 1 have been talking about how we can Challenge our Mindset. We hope you enjoy our video below

Thank you for taking the time to look at what Primary 1 has been learning. It would be lovely if you could reply to this post with a message to say Hello!
Have a lovely week, Miss Copeland