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P5 spent the day in Holyrood Park on Tuesday 20th September learning about what life was like in the park 2000 years ago. In the morning P5 were apprentice Druids and wore tunics that would have been worn by the Iron Age and Celts who lived in the surrounding land. P5 walked through the park with their Druid teachers and were shown what different plants and trees were used for 2000 years ago. They also met a Roman soldier who they traded goods with and a local farmer who they traded their herbal remedies with for grain.

In the afternoon P5 attended workshops and made amulets, clay pots and learnt to make fences using willow. P5 also looked at the different food that was caught and eaten 2000 years ago and had an opportunity to grind their own flour using two methods of milling the grains. They were able to look at the different animals that were hunted and how they were used in the Celts, Romans and Iron Age daily life. P5 had a brilliant day organised by the Park Rangers and send them a big thank you.

Here are some of the Iron Age, Celts and Romans P5 met and traded with.

P5 Learning about the healing properties of different plants
Learning about the food 2000 years ago and grinding the grain to make flour
Making amulets
Trading with the Hunter
Making mini fences