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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday where we showcase the amazing work and play done in the nursery each week!

Even though it has been a short week we have had lots of fun! We have been continuing our discussions and stories learning about Space and gravity. We have been doing some fun cosmic yoga, singing songs about different planets and stars and enjoying some fun astronaut role play.

We have also been discussing the seasonal change to Autumn; making beautiful colourful leaf pictures and talking about what weather changes we will start to see. We have already noticed that some of the leaves on our trees in the garden have started to turn yellow and fall off. We look forward to going out on walks to collect some and splash in muddy puddles!

We have been enjoying spending lots of time in the garden; building houses, playing fun role play games, what’s the time mr wolf, hide and seek, superhero chasing games, drawing and painting lovely pictures and reading stories.

We are off on Monday so we look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday the 20th. Please post some lovely pictures of the fun you get up to on the learning journals! Please bring back any outstanding forms, especially the fluoride toothpaste forms as we need them in before we can start brushing our teeth again at nursery. Have a great long weekend!