Primary 1 Blog

Friday 9th September

Block Play

Sorting colours, balancing, stacking and building.

Mark Making

Self directed writing, letter learning and practising writing our names and numbers.


Patterns repeat with a rule. We have been focussing on two step colour rules such as red, yellow, red, yellow. Can you spot any patterns at home? Maybe you could make one with Lego, sweeties or paint?

Picasso Study

Primary 1 looked at the changes in Pablo Picasso’s self portraits as he got older. We shared our opinions, sometimes we felt happy, sometimes confused, and sometimes we found the pictures silly. We are all entitled to our own opinions. After seeing all of the pictures, we each added a star on to our favourite one. Isn’t it interesting how we all had different favourites? Some of us then chose to make a self portrait in the style of Picasso’s cubism period. We were practising our choice, cutting, sticking and painting skills during this task. Look out for our final art gallery. To quote Picasso, “Every child is an artist”.

Colour Mixing

Primary 1 had great fun mixing paint on their hands!

Try playing this colour mixing game at home

Play2Learn Football Coaching

You can see we looked so happy during this fun 1 hour session with Play2Learn. A big THANK YOU for coming in!

Self Directed Learning

Reading, imaginative play, role play. Primary 1 particularly enjoyed playing the ‘roll an emotion’ game with our Colour Monster dice.

Mental Agility

Attached below are some activities you may wish to practise at home to support counting forwards and backwards.

Skipper and the Building Resilience programme

Last week we had the first Skipper Assembly of the new school year, led by our support for learning teacher, Ms Finlayson. Click here to learn more about Skipper.
Please see the parent leaflet and home learning tasks below.

Challenge your mindset – parent and carer leaflet

Challenge your mindset – parent and carer leaflet

Challenge your mindset – home learning tasks

Challenge your mindset – home learning activity