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Monday 5th September

UNCRC Rights of the Child

We asked the class what we should/shouldn’t do to help make Primary 1 a ‘good’ class to be in and these are the comments we collected

  • Be kind – Mohammed
  • No kicking or fighting –
  • No punching – Lola
  • Eat vegetables – Mustapha
  • Have a good time – Clay
  • Play nicely – Mustapha
  • Share – Lola
  • Listen to each other – Eddy
  • No being loud –
  • Eat fruit – Lola

From this we matched 4 rights – The right to be safe, healthy, to play and to learn.

Our school values were created in collaboration with pupils, parents, staff and school community. Below is the Primary 1 display representing these.

Block Play

At Royal Mile we believe block play is a fantastic learning resource for developing skills across the curriculum. Block play can help develop vocabulary when working collaboratively with friends. Pupils can create patterns, develop gross and fine motor skills. It’s open ended nature allows for endless creativity. To learn more about it’s value, click here. We are privileged to have construction materials of all sizes to explore at our school!

Can you spot who has made a see-saw? Who is eating a burger in bed? Who has made stairs? Who is riding a robot horse? Who has blasters?

The Colour Monster

  • Learning to draw the colour monster
  • Sorting and naming colours
  • Using facial expressions/body language to depict an emotion


In phonics lessons we learn that a written letter has a matching sound and name. Here is a video showing the name and sounds for the alphabet.

Letter Learning

We follow a programme called Read, Write, Inc.

Last week, we learnt the letters m and a. As you see below, each letter has a rhyme that helps when forming the letters.

You can play the Doorway Online game below to practice your letter formation

If you wish to quickly hear how to pronounce the pure sounds of letters, click on each letter in the website here

Identifying different sounds is a key foundation for phonic learning. Try playing these fun games at home

What animal is behind the door?

Match the sounds to the picture


To support our number skills, each month the whole school focusses in on one colour of the Mental Agility Rainbow. We have started the year on the red section of the rainbow – counting forwards and backwards. We try to embed these activities within our day such as singing songs such as 10 Green Bottles and counting how many pupils are lined up. We have also been completing Join The Dots pictures, jumping along our number line/rug and playing Number Tennis.

Here are two songs we really enjoy!

Self Directed Learning