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Our First Week

Our Everywhere Bear

Primary 1 all shared a name suggestion. We then voted for our favourite name. The name which had the most votes was…


Our Everywhere Bear goes home with the Star of the Week on Friday.
Rainbow has a diary in which you can write, draw or add photos of the real or imaginary adventures you go on.
On Monday they can share what they have done together.

To hear the story The Every Bear by Julia Donaldson, please click the video below.

Book Box

Every Friday Primary 1 visit the Book Box.
Pupils are free to choose any book and read, look at the pictures, and talk about the book in a language that they feel comfortable in.
We swap these every FRIDAY.
We also welcome donations of books which you think would be suitable.


Please provide one snack for your child which they can easily eat in the playground at breaktime. A whole piece of fruit is ideal.

Indoor Shoes

Indoor shoes are needed to keep the classrooms clean and to provide a dry pair of shoes for wetter days. We recommend Velcro indoor and outdoor shoes for P1 pupils, unless they are able to do up laces independently.


Please always send a waterproof coat with your child. We are an all weather school and will go into the playground for both lessons and play regardless of the changeable Scottish weather!

If you have any questions, please email admin at