Primary 1 Blog

Monday 13th June – P1

Museum on the Mound Trip

This Wednesday afternoon, Primary 1 will be walking to the Museum on the Mound for some hands on money activities.


11:30-12:30 Lunch, play, toilet
12:35 leave school to walk to museum
1:00 Arrival and introduction
1:10 Activity 1 – Unusual money from around the world
1:35 Activity 2 – Design Your Own Banknote
1:55 Activity 3 – Museum highlights
2:20 Pack up and depart
2:50 Arrive back to school
3:00 Normal home time

If pupils do wish to practise using their money knowledge to purchase a souvenir at the gift shop, the museum advises £2 to be a suitable amount.

The trip will be supervised by Miss Copeland, Mr Madine and Mrs McGlashan.

Alien Words

Primary 1 have been reading all types of words this week. Reading alien words is a great way to check phonic skills. Could you read quap, shoj or pluv?

Play the game below by reading the word and deciding if it is a real word (Astronaut) or fake word (alien word)

Astronaut and Alien Word Game


We have been exploring dances from around the world. We have noticed different beats, instruments in the music and actions for each.

From voting we found out that Bollywood was the most popular dance with our class with comments such as “I like the Bollywood music”, “I like the beat” and “I like the actions”.

Electricity and energy

Primary 1 investigated what makes toys ‘go’ and created their own wind up spinners while learning about energy. We had so much fun we forgot to take photos!

Explore the website below to find out about different types of energy and electrical safety.

New Teacher

Primary 1 will have a new teacher for Primary 2. They find out today who that will be!