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This week you will receive your child’s school report. Below are some explanations of words and phrases which may helpful.

  • Pure sounds – Saying the letter sound without an ‘uh’ sound at the end e.g. M is ‘mmm’ not ‘muh’. To see a video explaining pure letter sounds click here.
  • Red words – Also known as tricky words, sight words or common words. Read, Write, Inc, the new literacy programme we are following, call words which cannot be sounded out red words. I, the, was and want, are all examples. To see more examples, click here. To watch Miss Copeland’s flash card video, click here.
  • CVC words – 3 letter words that follow a consonant, vowel, consonant sequence such as cat, dog, pig.
  • Consonant digraphs – When two consonants together make a new sound e.g. ch, th, sh.
  • Vowel digraphs – When two vowels together make a new sound e.g. oo, ee, ai.
  • Letter formation – How to write letters. Learning to write these in a particular way now will support pupils when learning to join letters together in future years. Differing letter size is important too. video for tall, video for small, video for fall letters.
  • Dienes or Dienes blocks – A maths resource, also known as Base 10 cubes. Click here for more information.
  • Combining and partitioning – Numbers can be partitioned or separated e.g. 321 is made up of 300 and 20 and 1. Combining is when you add these together e.g. 400 and 20 and 3 is 423. Click here for more information

Queen’s Jubilee Party

Thank you to everyone who attended our class party. It was lovely to finally be able to invite you into our learning space. We hope you had fun!


We have now released our butterflies. The pupils have enjoyed watching them grow and developing their curiosity in the natural world.

Youth Music Initiative

This week we welcomed Vikki Fairgrieve, our YMI tutor to our class. We had lots of fun learning new songs and actions. She will visit every Monday afternoon.

Maths – Direction

This week we will be introducing Bee-Bots to the class to support coding/programming language and direction learning.
Have a go at home using this interactive website.

You can download a FREE Bee-Bot app on both android and apple

FREE trial shinty sessions

During Health Week, Primary 1 were kindly given a shinty taster session from a coach from the Camanachd Dhùn-Èideann youth shinty club.
Staff were amazed at how well Primary 1 took to the sport.
Please see the flier below – try out for FREE for one month!